Monday, October 8, 2012

October Contest Craziness

Well, apparently, contest season is upon us, fellow writers! I entered Brenda Drake's fantabulous Pitch Madness contest a while back, and it was oh so fun. (Though my husbamd probably disagreed, as I was basically OBSESSED and could speak of nothing but said contest until it was over...and even still, when it was over, it comprised a large percentage of my talking points for a while...) So0o0o0o, I'm going to be entering some more contests in the very near future which look aMAZing. (Not necessarily entering all of these, but wanted to give a helpful list anyway ^_^)

The Haunted Writing Clinic and Contest- Helps and crits for creating your subs package and a chance at publication from Curiosity Quills? Yes please! Enter as a minion and get help from Super Villains. The fun starts today! (10/8) and subs start 10/31. Join the dark side.

Hook, Line, and Sinker- Bunches of agents, some awesome blogger/authors hosting, and a fun format!  *Contest Info Link here.*   *My pitch in zis contest up for critique here.*  (Subs on 10/13)

Pitch Live- No doubt the scariest contest on the list (fitting for October) is Pitch Live! Pitch your MS on video for the chance to get offers from agents! Here be the link. (Subs on 10/15)

Trick or Treat with an Agent- Trick or treat? Hopefully treats for everyone! Costumed agents, awesome pitches, and treats! Quick! Go sign up! Hither. (Subs on 10/24)

Spooktacular Pitch Contest- Two great agents competing for your pitches in the Spooktacular Pitch Contest! o0o0o0o0oh, spooky. Spook it.

Pitch On- Wanna get your pitch seen by an awesome editor? Then you should probably get your pitch on! Do itttttt! Get it on, peeps. (Subs 10/15)

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