Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Writer Crazy...Combatting It

This shall be a short blog post. Mostly 'cause I'm doing NaNoWriMo, and I'm worded out. Like all the time. Thus, brevity is the word of the day.

So, combatting the "Writer Crazy" as I call it. What is this thing I speak of? In my experience, as writers, we are pretty much constantly in a state of:

As a result this is how I really feel about it.

'Cause we're artists. It's how we roll. I mean, with the craziness of querying, publishing, and actually writing the darn novel, we have a lot to be crazy about. And writing is so scary, because we are completely putting ourselves out there, naked, and being like, "Judge me, world!"

Unfortunately, this comes with some severe writing-related mood swings, aka The Writer Crazy. For me at least, some days (had one of these a couple days ago), I think, 'Dang. This is so good, Ernest Hemingway would fangirl out over it.' (If ONLY there was an Ernest Hemingway Fangirl gif...) But then other days (yesterday) I end up just staring at the computer screen thinking, 'No. There would be no fangirling. My writing would drive Ernest to drinking.'

The magic cure-all to this? STOP IT. Just keep writing. Write a new, better chapter if you're in a spiral of self-doubt. And if you're on a roll, SWEET. Keep it up writer of awesomeness. The thing is, I'm pretty sure we all go through the crazy. I bet JK Rowling even, at one point, wanted to close Harry Potter and Mischief Managed the crap out of it. Good thing she didn't.

So, in short, if you're having an "I suck" kinda day, go back and read something you wrote that you LOVE. And have a sangria, or a hot chocolate. And then, tomorrow, get back on it. Cause I wanna see your book on the Barnes and Noble shelves one day, friend.


  1. Yes, yes, yes, we all have those days. Yesterday, I knew I was going to submit my work, and the doubts and the re-thinking, and the what the hell was I thinking questions all popped up and I almost backed down. I couldn't believe how easy it was to feel like a failure before I'd even hit that submit button. I told myself -- Self, you really like the work you did, but how are you going to feel when the first review comes in? Yeah, you know the one where the person points out that comma you forgot, or that extra comma that you added. Or what about your choice of words, etc. I was taking the dog out when this occurred, but by the time she was done and we were back in the house. I dismissed it and moved forward. Sometimes easy to do, and sometimes so much harder! :)
    We are a crazy bunch! Great post, and congrat's on your NANO tally!

    1. We are all nuts! Thanks a bunch! Hope NaNo is treating you well :-) (If you're NaNoing that is!)